How to Fix Perm-Damaged Hair? – Beritamedika

Sometimes, impulsively getting a perm or getting it done solely to switch up your hairstyle can leave you with damaged locks.

While perming can bring life to your unkempt curls and give a new style to your hair, it can also lead to some hair problems.

Over time, the chemicals used in the perming process may weaken your hair, (1) making it susceptible to damage, dryness, and frizz.

Fortunately, there are ways to manage, rejuvenate, and fix perm-damaged hair.

This article will look into the many things you can do to bring your hair back to health after perm damage.

Ways to Fix Perm-Damaged Hair

Adopt these habits to fix perm-damaged hair.

1. Deep conditioning

The road to restoring permed hair can be a pretty long one, and it usually begins with a pretty easy step, which is deep conditioning.

If you have recently gotten a perm, it is good to purchase a top-quality, hydrating conditioner on your way back home from the salon.

Make deep conditioning a part of your regular hair care regimen as the frequent use of a conditioner on the roots and ends of your hair can help retain moisture and keep your hair hydrated, (2) which is a must for perm-damaged hair.

2. Gentle washing

While shampoos are a must for cleaning hair and keeping it healthy, using chemical-filled shampoos or harsh products can cause more damage to your already-damaged and permed hair.

So, to wash your hair and prevent further dryness, go for sulfate-free, mild shampoos that are particularly made for damaged or chemically treated hair. (3)

Experts also suggest minimizing hair washing to every 2-3 days (twice a week) to preserve moisture.

3. Avoiding heat styling

Dermatologists recommend staying away from heat styling equipment because of its incredibly harmful effects on your hair.

Heat styling dries your hair and damages it by causing weakening of the hair in the form of frays, splits, and breakages. (4)

And since permed hair is already quite damaged, heat styling tools will only worsen your hair’s condition, so it’s important to reduce your hair’s exposure to heat.

Whenever possible, let your hair air-dry instead of relying on hair dryers, and style your hair without heating tools.

If heat styling is a must for you, then apply a heat protectant to decrease the potential of additional harm. (5)

4. Regular trimming

Getting regular and periodic trims is pretty important to keep away split ends and to maintain the structure of your curls. Try to visit your hairdresser every 2-3 months for the upkeep of your perm.

5. Avoiding multiple hair treatments

Now that you know that the process of getting a perm can have a negative impact on the well-being of your hair, there is no doubt that getting other chemical treatments such as hair coloring is just adding fuel to the fire.

Therefore, if you have just gotten a perm and want to prevent any more hair damage, keep a gap of 2 weeks to your next hair service. (5)

Home Remedies for Fixing Perm-Damaged Hair

Other than good hair care practices, you can also try out home remedies for fixing your perm-damaged hair.

1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil has a phenomenal nutrition profile that makes it a perfect ingredient to be used on damaged hair to promote hair health.

It has a unique ability to penetrate deeply into the hair shaft due to its low molecular weight, which discourages protein loss from the hair. (6)

Oiling your hair with warm coconut oil before shampooing it can be a good hair care remedy for your damaged locks.

2. Aloe vera gel

Research has shown that aloe gel has the power to provide moisture and hydration to hair. It is known to beautify hair and keep it away from damage.

Moreover, aloe gel restores lost moisture and promotes hair health. (7)

To use aloe on damaged perm hair, simply massage it into your scalp and apply it on your locks too.

3. Olive oil

The main problem with perm-damaged hair is the lack of hydration, which can be fixed by the application of olive oil.

This oil contains a lot of amazing compounds that do a wonderful job of moisturizing the hair, such as squalene. Moreover, it has emollient properties that help keep the moisture sealed in your strands.

So, a hot oil massage with olive oil is a great way of improving perm-damaged hair. (8)(9)

Most-Asked Questions

When should I get my next perm?

You can get a perm 2-6 months after your first perm depending on how long the first perm lasts.

When should I shampoo after getting a perm?

Shampoo at least 2 days after your perm treatment.

Can perm fade my hair color?

In some cases, perm may fade your hair color just a little.

Final Word

While dealing with perm-damaged hair can be challenging, it is by no means insurmountable. With the right care and attention, you can nurse your curls back to health.

Deep conditioning, gentle shampooing, heat protection, regular trims, and using nourishing home remedies are your allies in this endeavor.

Say goodbye to frizz and welcome back beautiful, healthy curls. Your hair deserves it!